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  • DEVELOPER - I am a Software Technologist with 20+ years experience. I work on early stage proof of concepts for invovate products and services (R&D). My core interest is in the stategic combination of knowledge graphs, real-time technologies and high performance HMI. These projects often include search and nagivation of largish amounts of realtime and meta data. Machine intelligence is sometimes employed. My clients are range from Fortune 500 companies, through Universities, to startups.
  • INVESTOR - I have made a few seed investments to bootstrap projects that I wanted to see in the world. I have founded and co-founded several businesses over the years.
  • TEACHING PEOPLE TO CODE - I teach people of all ages to code, mainly in Python. I teach in person and my own online courses. I am particularly proud of my in-person teaching of Python to young people at Code Breaker School which is hosted by Uni of Leicester. My own 8 year old twins are students/mentors in the class.